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Rescuer II CPAP Solutions In Critical Care

From Solutions in Critical Care


with Inspiratory/Expiratory HEPA Filter

Provide Maximum Patient Benefits & Infection Control with One Device
The Solutions in Critical Care (SCC) CPAP System was designed to deliver optimal FiO2 levels while conserving oxygen resources. Known as the disposable CPAP with the lowest oxygen consumption, the SCC CPAP is also the only disposable CPAP with an inspiratory/expiratory filter for infection control. With multi-function access ports, the SCC CPAP is cost-efficient, easy-to-use, delivers maximum patient results and minimizes the risk of infection for patients and healthcare providers.

SCC CPAP Features

  • Lowest Oxygen Consumption of Any Disposable CPAP: 5-10 Lpm
  • Filter captures 99.997% of 1 um particles (TB and Bacteria) and 99.993% of .28 um particles (Viruses) that are inhaled and exhaled.
  • Port for Oxygen Tubing Connection to Boost FiO2
  • Port for Nebulizer Tubing Connection to Deliver Medications
  • Calibrated Pressure Manometer
  • Low Cost to Buy and Operate
Rescuer II CPAP Solutions In Critical Care


Right-Fit Pediatric Patients with Excellent Seal and Comfort
The Artemis Pedi-Fit Non-Invasive Pediatric Nasal and Full-Face Masks were specifically designed to right-fit respiratory patients in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). The soft, molded silicone material and flexible forehead pad ensure excellent seal and patient comfort during CPAP and VPAP therapy..

Pedi-Fit Features

  • Molded silicone mask cushion provides excellent seal and comfort
  • Unique clip pivots the mask to conform to the patient’s nose, preventing
    air from leaking into the patient’s eyes
  • Flexible, one-piece forehead pad evenly conforms to the forehead for stability
  • Quiet air vent minimizes noises and enables efficient CO2 washout
  • Each design is available in four sizes enabling healthcare providers to
    right-fit each patient
Rescuer II CPAP Solutions In Critical Care
From Solutions in Critical Care

Ventilator Circuit

72” Disposable Ventilator Circuit with Smooth Bore Tubing
A high-quality, low-cost ventilation circuit compatible with adult and pediatric Bi-Level and CPAP systems.

Technical Specifications

  • 1 each 180 cm smooth bore tubing – ID:19.5mm(±0.5mm) OD:23.5mm(±0.5mm)
  • 2 each PVC straight connector – 19M-22F
  • 1 each Straight Connector with tethered Sampling Port – 22M/15F-22M/15M
  • 1 each 2m sampling line – ID:3.5mm OD:5.3mm; Wall Thickness:1.8mm
  • 1 each hose hanger (certain configurations only)
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