Services We Provide

Creating a consortium to deliver the technical sales expertise and personal relationships of the specialty dealer on a broad geographic scale, offering one point of contact for manufacturers seeking broader representation.

Customers are consolidating – merging, forming coalitions. They are crossing our territories and will look to someone who can bring them that national strength; but when it comes down to the local level, they want local support.

Despite the national or near-national presence, SICC participants will continue to act as classic specialty dealers.

We are our customers’ pre-screeners for innovative products. So when we bring something to them, we have checked it out, market-tested it, and have committed ourselves to it. If we have an opportunity to invest in that manufacturer, whether at the beginning of our relationship or down the line, we want to do that; that’s the level of commitment we bring.

Specialty dealers are the least expensive way for the new technology to be launched. SCC represents the best-of-class in bringing new technology to market. We do not intend to have 20 product lines, but maybe four or five that we do very well. We will spend the time doing due diligence in the field to get results. This will lead to longer relationships with manufacturers of innovative devices.

Over the last few years, manufacturers have been going to national providers because they cannot find a specialty dealer in each territory, or the specialty dealer is overstretched and showed poor results. We are offering manufacturers the best specialty-distribution sales with continuity of messaging and reporting. In short, we will offer scale to the marketplace.